Hearts Unfolded

Creating art to help make a change in the lives of others was the inspiration behind “Hearts Unfolded”.

In 2018 wild fires ravaged the town of Paradise California, destroying homes, businesses, schools, and the lives of countless families. “How can I help make a difference?” was the call on Monica’s heart. Thus, painting a limited number of abstract hearts and offering the total value of the sale to be donated became her plan.

When all 5 hearts sold within in a single day she knew she was onto something. She continued to purchase materials and sell the hearts at a rapid pace. She finally had to reach out for support since the materials were taking too large a percentage out of the donation amount. Good Samaritans stepped up from across the country offering financial support, and friends in the Redlands community helped with the varnishing and shipping details.

By December of that year, over $1800 was donated among organizations, including but not limited to the Firemans Fund, Salvation Army, and the North Valley Animal Disaster Group, and four families received funding on their GoFundMe accounts.

In an effort to maintain this program, Monica has selected to continue offering 20% of the profits from the sale of the paintings in this “Hearts Unfolded” category to the organization of the buyers choice.

“I believe that the God gave me a gift for painting, and I believe that my gifts (whatever they may be) can and ought to be used to help make a difference in the lives of others. I will never know how my contributions will be used, but I believe that when we are called to action, and we respond, God takes care of the rest.”