Material:  Gesso and varnish.

Substrate: 24x30x1.5” gallery stretched canvas

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It’s not uncommon for artists to live with a piece of work and decide to recreate a new vision or direction for the piece.  That is what “Touch” is all about.  During a recent art show I encountered many new followers/friends of my art.  During the course of a conversation one individual and I talked for almost an hour about art, its significance, and its purpose.  We both came to a very clear conclusion.  The value of the art we select for our dwelling places is about connection and the story.

Well, here is the story about Touch.  My art is constantly evolving but when I go back in time to 2016 when this all started for me officially, my art was about texture. I can’t tell you how many containers of media I have used over the years to create the texture I long to produce on the canvas.  I now purchase my media in gallon form. :).

Years ago while visiting my uncle in Germany I came across a piece of art  (he was a collector).  The painter of this piece had created an illusion as if the canvas was peeling away from the frame.  The illusion was captivating.  I wanted to touch it and “push” the canvas up.  I have that thought in my mind when using texture.  I want the viewer to “touch” the art, engage with the art, be a part of the art experience.

To today I am posting “Touch” and a symbol of reconnecting with my artistic origin of texture.